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January 18, 2017


We've had two more days of great Florida weather.  Temps in the 80's, sunshine, and beautiful blue skies with just a few clouds.  Awesome!

The tower garden has been producing lettuce like there is no tomorrow.  Kit harvested nine of her lettuce pods and filled a large bowl with the leafy greens.  (Jerry reminded her that he is not a rabbit.)

We had visitors today from Indiana.  Bud and Pat, dear friends from way back, winter in Plant City, Florida.  They drove up for the day.  After a quick tour of our home, we all sat down for lunch and a good chat. (Kit served some of her garden greens.)  The conversations flowed continually as we tried to catch up on what been happening in each other's lives.  We have plans to visit them and attend the Strawberry Festival in Plant City in late February. 


lettuce harvest


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