January 1, 2017

Greetings from the Bertelsens and Happy New Year!  It's been six months since we stopped writing in our blog. We've been busy getting our new home the way we want it and the daily blog was moved to the back burner.

As most of you know, we sold our property in Brackettville, Texas, packed up the motor home and ventured East. Now we find ourselves in Leesburg, Florida, in a manufactured home, in a 55+ community, with the RV tucked away in storage.

Kit's plan is to pick up writing about our activities and adventures ahead and Jerry will again take on the task of posting the page on the internet for those interested in reading our daily journal.  He has plans for a new look for the pages.  Hopefully we will have pictures to accompany the stories we share.

We've had several readers contact us for a new blog launch date, so, the time is now!

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