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January 7, 2017


Each Friday we meet our friends, John and Libby, for lunch at a designated restaurant in the area.  Today, we chose a quaint restaurant in Eustis known as the 1884 Restaurant. The building, erected in 1884, was rather large and housed a department store in the early years. We had heard that the tables fill up in the evenings, but there was ample room for us at lunch time.  This was our first visit and the cook didn't disappoint! The guys had melt in your mouth burgers. The gals chose wrap sandwiches. Kit's choice was the grilled chicken caesar wrap, while Libby tried the smoked turkey.

We forgot the camera.  So sorry we can't share with you the restored interior brick walls and old, but beautifully refurbished wood decor.

The rest of the afternoon, we spent in front of the TV watching the news as it unfolded on the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Tonight we are experiencing our first significant rain in more than two months.  Tomorrow we anticipate our first cold spell.  Temps are projected to fall during the day into the low 50's and drop to near freezing for overnight.  Fortunately it won't last more than a day.


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