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January 9, 2017


Cold dreary days, a heavy rain, and two nights with freezing temps kept us hunkered inside the house over the weekend.  Today, however, the sun came out in full force and we shamed ourselves into getting outside!

We managed to neglect our once beautiful flower beds for the past four months.  The wild grasses nearly choked out the plants that were once in full bloom.  The beds were one of the reasons we really liked this property.  However, with the painting and getting settled in, the flowers moved to back burner.

Jerry found a couple of gardeners that were willing to put us back into tip top shape.  They arrived today to start the restoration process.  Below are two "before" and a couple of "after" pictures.  They didn't get finished and will return tomorrow to clean up the palm trees and trim the up the banana plant that the bear nearly destroyed.


Before weeding  another before weeding


after weeding   the weeder at work


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