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January 10, 2017


It was a beautiful day today for yard work. Bright sunshine and comfortable temps in the 60's this morning made it easy for the gardeners to finish the plant beds and trim trees.  We have quite a few tropical plants on our property that were in need of some TLC.

The banana trees were hindered in growth by choking wild vines.  The guys pulled down the vines, mulched them and scattered them debris on the floor of the forest area.  This will keep moisture in the soil on the hot summer days ahead. Once the brown leaves were removed from the 14 banana trees, we could see an abundance of fruit ready for sun kissed ripening.  Now, if we can just keep an eye on them and harvest them before the squirrels and birds, we may have banana bread in the near future.


trimming the banna tree  still working on the banna trees


The tropical flower bed, all 60 feet of it, looks awesome.  Kit counted nearly 20 different plants.  She has her work cut out for her in reading up on their care. 


flower garden clean


The fan palm tree only needed a trim to remove the dead lower leaves. This particular tree will probably need a trim every year to keep it looking clean.  Our Queen palm in the front of the house needed a little more work.  Damaged frons were removed, the bark was shaped and the seed pods cleaned away. 


Palm tree still   front palm work


front palm close up  last front palm


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