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January 11, 2017

Work with the MUD GANG

We have a member group that meets every Wednesday morning to do various repairs and cleaning of the grounds where we live.  This group of volunteers, known as the MUD GANG, has saved the membership thousands of dollars by making the improvements themselves rather than seeking outside resources to do the job.

Today, the decorative poinsettias were gathered from the entrance to the estate by a few members and transplanted out in the wooded area.  These plants should blossom next season for all to enjoy.

 Planting poinsettias one  planting poinsettias three

Other members of the Mud Gang continued their wok on the replacement of the dock handrails.  This project was put on hold for about a month, waiting for the composite wood that was on back order.  Composite wood was added to the top of the handrail for a smoother finish. Jerry worked with the group for about two hours doing the pre-drilling of holes in the wood.


   Mud gang working on the deck one  Mud gang working on the deck two


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