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January 13, 2017


We have the luxury of a small "flock" of non migratory Sandhill Cranes here at Lake Yale Estates.  The birds, nearly 4 ft. in height with feathers of various shades of gray and a distinctive red crown, mate for life.  We often see the small group of eight together, but today, two ventured away in search of small insects, reptiles, and seeds.  They especially like the fresh cut grass..

These birds are noisy.  A loud trumpet sound comes rattling out of their throats when they are on the move or disturbed by people, dogs or cars driving by them. Known for their aggressive behavior, it is illegal to feed them.  (Florida law) 


   Sandhill Crane 4   Sandhill Crane 5

 Sandhill Crane 6   Sandhill Crane 7


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