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January 15, 2017


We've had some beautiful weather the past week or so.  Temps just barely reached the 80's this day. 

Kit finally got the okay to increase her walking and try her bicycle.  She has had a bout with tendonitis in her foot . . . enough that she had to undergo wearing a brace for six weeks to immobilize the tendon, attend physical therapy three days a week for a month and now, K-Tape on her ankle for six weeks.

After returning from church this morning, we decided to get the bikes ready for trip.  We purchased the Townie Electra 21's back in October and have only ridden them around the Lake Yale Estates area. With Kit's foot issue, they've been neglected.  A little jaunt today helped get the kinks out.  Tomorrow, we're going to try the Orange Blossom Bike Trail.  We probably would have ventured out today, but it is a very busy paved trail for weekend riders. We're hoping tomorrow won't be so crowded. 


Jerry airing bike tires   Bikes ready to go


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