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Thursday, June 30, 2016 Adventures

Brackettville, TX

Future Plans

Our Texas home has sold.  We've just wrapped up the moving sale.  The motorhome is packed and we're moving to Florida, the state of sinkholes and alligators.  Once we are established and have some sense of order, we'll redesign our blog and get to posting once again.  Happy Trails!

Click this link to see our Florida Adventures

Life is G☺☺D!

Life is Good Chaiir

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Monday, May 9, 2016 Adventures

Brackettville, TX

This and That for the Past Week

Caulking and Painting

We're making headway with caulking the nail holes in the baseboards we installed nearly two months ago.  (Time flies!)   While we're at it, Jerry  is  also re caulking the casings around the windows and  then repainting all the trim. We're also painting the primed door frames since we neglected to get that done when we put in the doors.  The plan has been to work about an hour a day until we get it finished.

Getting some Exercise

We're creating a "habit" of exercising daily.  The Adult Center has a gym that is available for Fort members.  We've never bothered to use it before, but decided to take advantage of it this summer.  The place is practically empty since the Winter Texans are gone and we've only had to wait for our time on the treadmills once.  We believe it is making a difference.  Kit has noticed her balance improving every day.  She has increased her stamina daily since she first started in April and is up to walking for nearly an hour at a fairly moderate clip.  Jerry connects his phone to the jam box and shares his great walking music and is also making progress.

Helping out a Neighbor

Yesterday, we made an unplanned trip to Alpine, TX, and back.  Yes, nearly 500 miles in one day!  We received word just before we headed out the door for church that our neighbor needed transportation to Alpine.  After exhausting all possible solutions, we ended up being the ones to help out the family.  It had been several years since we were in that area.  The drive was beautiful and the mountains of Big Bend were only about 40 miles away.  We pulled back in to the driveway just before ten in the evening, dodging all the severe thunderstorms that were forecasted for the area. 

Blood work

Today, we were up and at 'em early to make it to Uvalde for fasting lab work.  We both have our routine 6 month visit with the doctor next week to get refills on prescriptions.  We hoping for good reports.  Once "Draccula" had her test tubes filled, we high-tailed it over to McD's for breakfast, then washed the car, and managed to pick up a few items at Walmart before heading back to Brackettville .

Life is G☺☺D!

Life is Good Chaiir

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Monday, May 2, 2016 Adventures

Brackettville, TX

Del Rio Bound

It's been about a month since we made the trek to Del Rio.  Kit had a hair cut scheduled for noon today.  We arrived early enough to make a pass through Walmart to pick up some needed supplies and once the hair was trimmed, we stopped to have lunch at our favorite Chick-fil-A.  The 12 piece nugget meal is just enough for us to split.  Before leaving town, we made a fresh produce/meat stop at HEB. 

The trip home was eventful.  The Texas State Dept. is resurfacing the roads from Del Rio to Uvalde with oil and rock chips.  Fortunately for us, the crew was out of sight today and we had no delays.  Only the East bound lanes are rocked.  The ride was tough on the tires and deafening to the ears inside the car.  Several Fort members have complained of rock chipped windows.  Temperatures were in the 60's today, so the rock chips stayed tight in the oiled road.  We're hoping they get the whole project done before we make a trip to Uvalde towards the end of next week.       

Life is G☺☺D!

Life is Good Chaiir

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Saturday, April 30, 2016 Adventures

Brackettville, TX

Photo Gallery We're Alive!

Wow, over a month of no blogging?  How can it be?  Time just gets away from us.

The weather here in Texas has been perfect for us.  We've had more rain than we normally have been used to.  With that being said, the mower is getting used every week.  Jerry has given up mowing the green spaces due to his allergies and we have farmed out the task to a friend from church that can easily use the money. 

mowing Harlan Park  Harlan Park after Doug nowed it

Kit has enjoyed her green thumb this spring.  She planted some wildflower seeds in a few raised beds with the hopes of attracting more butterflies and hummingbirds.  Jerry helped her put up an electric fence to keep the deer at bay.  The plants have finally matured enough to give some color to our side yard.  Cosmos and zinias in an abundance of colors have created a conversation among the Unit 38 passersby each day.

Night picture of Kit's flowers

Kit also has a couple of  plants of tomatoes and bell peppers that are growing in her container beds on wheels.  She didn't want to take a chance on the deer eating them, so she wheels them in under the RV port during the dark hours and moves them back into the sunshine each morning.  We've had plenty of salads with the tomatoes, but the bell peppers are still on the vine.

tomatoes on the vine  tomatoes on the vine

Disaster struck about 2:45 this a.m.  A strong thunderstorm came through and brought high winds and the dime and pea sized hail that lasted for well over 15 minutes.  We had some power outages all over the Fort.  Jerry's radio antenna came through the storm without any damage, but his Ham buddy down the street lost his R9 antenna.  It was about 35 ft. up in the air. 

Hail  Hail

All those beautiful flowers are gone!  Minced to pieces!  Birdfeeders, the plastic ones, are cracked and worthless!  Kit consulted her Master Gardner friend this morning to get some advice on how to proceed with the clean-up.  She hopes she can salvage the plants.  It will probably be another month before the blooms return again.

flowers after hail  flowers after hail


Life is G☺☺D!

Life is Good Chaiir

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Adventures

Brackettville, TX

Photo Gallery Saying Good-bye to Good Friends

It's official.  John and Libby have moved on.  John and Jerry go way back to 1970 when both were teaching in the Martinsville schools and coached elementary football and basketball.  John was only in Martinsville one year before moving on to teach in Florida.  (Eventually, he met Libby when working at A T & T.)  We didn't meet up with them again until we were retired and stayed here at the Fort for a week in the RV Park, back in 2007.  While parked right next to each other, Jerry was working on cleaning the windshield on our RV.  John noticed our Morgan Co. license plate on the car and introduced himself, telling us that he once taught in Indiana.  It was the beginning of a great friendship.

We both bought properties in Unit 38, built homes, ate meals together with the Unit 38 gang, traveled to Alpine to hear "cowboy poetry", golfed, and participated in various activities on the Fort.  Their home was on the market for only a short time before it sold.

We'll miss them. However, now we have an excuse to visit Florida.

unit 38  our friends close up

group picture

Life is G☺☺D!

Life is Good Chaiir

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Saturday, March 19, 2016 Adventures

Brackettville, TX

Photo Gallery Cold Front Passes Through

With temps in the upper 50's today, we had to hunt for sweatshirts and long pants again.  Fortunately for us, the weatherman said the cool temps won't last long.  We've had a very pleasant "early spring" that spoiled us.  Kit's tomato plants are thriving and her bell peppers are blooming.

Our church activities are in full swing.  Kit has a full schedule this week with the choir.  There is practice on Wednesday, and the group has special numbers in both Thursday and Friday evening services, as well as Easter Sunday.

The second NOMADS couple, Gary and Sharon, left this morning, moving on to another project.  That leaves us with only NOMAD Dan remaining.  Dan had to have some extensive work done on his RV due to the recent hail storm.  He has adopted the town of Brackettville as his second home now while waiting for his rig.  We like having him around to help us with the odd jobs that seem to pop up everywhere.  Dan and Jerry completed the installing all the baseboards and door trim in our house.

Helping Jerry at home  Helping Jerry at home

Dan assisted in the storm door project just up the street from us at Sally's place.  Jerry was thankful for Dan's expertise since it turned out to be more than just putting up a door.

Working on Sally and Dave's Door

  The work the NOMADS started on an old house in Brackettville for a very deserving man continues.   Roy needed a bathroom.  The NOMADS enlarged the room to make way for an electric water heater as well as a new toilet, tub and shower.  In between the rains, the new extension is now under roof with new windows and walls.

Roy's House getting started  progress

walls are up  installing the shower

  We donated the extra house trim from our little project to help dress up the windows and door. 

windows trimmed  windows trimmed

Life is G☺☺D!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016 Adventures

Brackettville, TX

Photo Gallery Beautiful Spring Weather

This week we've been enjoying some mighty fine weather days.  After a week of what seemed like continuous rain showers, it's been nice to be able to dry out and get outside.  Sunshine has been abundant and temps have soared into the upper 80's.  Today we had lunch out on the trail, and found several Mountain Laurel trees in bloom.  Their fragrance reminds us of the lilac blooms that we enjoyed back in Indiana.

Jerry is feeling much better after his surgery to replace his pacemaker battery.  Aside from a very sore left side chest area where the incision was made, he is able to get around just fine.  Taking a Tylenol once in a while seems to dull the pain somewhat.  He still cannot do any major lifting for a couple of more days.

We are expecting a visit from the insurance adjuster tomorrow to determine if and how much damage we have from our recent 20 minute hail storm that came in the middle of the night.  Golf ball sized hail filled the yard.  Unlike other folks here at the Fort, we were protected under a metal roof and did not suffer from broken windshields.  However, our metal roof has an abundance of dimples.  There are a lot of roof repair contractors in the area of the Fort as well as the town of Brackettville working on homes.

golf ball sized hail

Life is G☺☺D!

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Photo Gallery

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